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Did you fill up?

When you release negative thoughts, habits or relationships from your life, do you keep that space open? Do you find that when you do the work to release negativity you feel good for a short time, then that space begins to fill up again with the same type of thoughts, habits or relationships?

As you work to release negative energy, bad habits or relationships, it is important to invite into that energetic space what you want to replace it with. Just as quitting nail biting can lead to excessive gum chewing, you can replace one bad habit for another if you don’t work to intentionally fill that void with something positive.

Performing a ceremony is a great way to begin to work with the energy of releasing and calling in. A simple way to do this is in the form of writing. You’ll need two pieces of paper, a pen, a fire-safe container, and a match or lighter.

Write down (or draw) what you want to let go of and imagine it being released from your energy field. See the cords of connection you had with that item/situation/emotion being cut and white light moving through both ends of the cord. Burn the paper in a fire-safe container. It is now released. Pause and give thanks.

Next, write down what you want to fill the now empty space with. Imagine that space filling with the positive energy/situation/emotion you wrote down. (i.e. I replace negative thoughts for myself with love and appreciation.) Ask for the ability and insight to sustain this positive change and listen to the guidance you are given.

Sit with this feeling, inviting in positive energy and love. Allow the energy to flow into you and fill you until it overflows from your being. Now, seal that energy in by imagining a golden light surrounding you. Once again, say words of gratitude and thanks.

I encourage you to take the parts of this that resonate with you and leave the rest. Use this as a template. Add and change it to fit your personal style.

See the Light. Be the Light. Embrace the Light Within.

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