• Courtney Witt

I want you to fight.

I want you to fight.

Fight to let love in your heart. Anger will only hurt you.

Fight for the courage to act. Fear will tell you, you can’t.

Fight for the right to disagree. Respect difference.

Fight for understanding. We all need to be seen.

Fight for those who can not. That may be you someday.

Fight for the rights of all people. We all matter.

Fight to Be You. No one else can be.

Fight to speak out, stand up and stand together. We are stronger united.

Keeping the peace is in my nature. Fight is such a strong word, but it’s time we fight. We must start creating the change we are all talking about. Let’s make a world where we are loved and accepted just as we are. A world where being human is supported.

The feelings of being wrong, rejected and misunderstood is epidemic. We have lost sight of the Light within us. That light is Divine. It connects us all. It is in each of us, but we’ve forgotten how to see it.

Imagine if instead of shunning and shaming people, we gathered and loved them. Instead of pushing away, we formed a circle of inclusion, not exclusion. We would create the belonging we all deeply desire and heal the deep wounds of rejection. Those wounds are in each of us.

Can you see beyond the skin and clothes and scars, and see the beauty within? That my beautiful friends, is what we are fighting for.

See the Light. Be the Light. Embrace the Light Within.

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