• Courtney Witt

IF its been more than a week since you’ve felt JOY, stop what you’re doing. Be YOU.⁣

JOY is not about being happy. We are talking about the kind of JOY that stirs your heart and brightens your soul.

What do you do for yourself, only for your own pure unadulterated joy? ⁣This was a question that came up in a conversation between friends a few weeks ago. Not one of us had an answer. We knew what made us happy, but what brought us joy... *cue the crickets. ⁣

If I may be so bold, we even identified our happy moments around the people in our lives. No one could remember the last time we did something purely for joy, with no agenda and no itinerary. Can you identify?⁣

It’s time we returned back to ourselves and remembered who we are. It’s time we find what brings us the kind of soul shifting, heart healing, exuberant JOY that transforms us into the brilliant beings we are here to be. ⁣

Let’s build a community that supports each other’s JOY. Let’s create a movement that is based on love, courage, acceptance and understanding. ⁣

See the Light. Be the Light. Embrace the Light Within.⁣

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