• Courtney Witt

IF YOU ARE trying too hard to be someone. Stop. Be YOU instead.

Being YOU is the single most important self-care act you can do for yourself.

Being yourself might just be the game changer you've been looking for. You’ll feel the pressure lift, ease flow into your life and you will connect with all of those people that are out there to support you.

“It’s not that easy,” you say? Maybe, it is. Maybe it’s not, but it is worth it.

It’s ok to be a messy, chaotic human that needs help. (That’s ALL of us.) What’s not ok is putting your value, in the areas of your life where you feel lacking. You MUST start looking at all of the ways you show up each and every day. It might look different from day to day. Did you open your eyes today? Get out of bed? Take a shower (or not)? Talk to yourself? Talk to your cat? You’ve already accomplished something. Seriously! We all have day, weeks, months, years when opening our eyes to the day seems too much to handle. I’ve lived more days, weeks, months, years of not being sure I was worthy or capable of getting out of bed in the morning, than I would like to admit.

The emotional, physical and spiritual demands of being (a human) can really take a toll on us. Especially, when we are trying to fit the mold of everyone else’s expectations. So, stop. Stop trying to fill yourself up by fitting into someone else’s idea of you. Take back YOU. You are pretty amazing. (As established above in “Did you open your eyes today?” Check!)

Also, don’t think that this change has to happen over night. It probably won’t. Isn’t that fantastic news! “What? Woman, you’re crazy AF,” you say? Probably. Just know, you don’t have to change overnight. As a matter of fact, I don’t recommend you move that quickly. Change takes time. Lasting change requires the breaking of old habits, accepting support and, most importantly, getting comfortable with the lasting changes you are making.

Practice makes perfect isn’t just a cliché, it’s a necessary skill. Does this sound familiar? -You find yourself feeling really strong in an, “I’ve got this!,” sort of way. The next thing you know, BAM, life blindsides you and you’ve fallen back into those old patterns. That’s OK. Did you recognize that you went back to the old way of being? Did someone else? Great! Pause. . . Take a long deep breath. . . And another. . . One more. . . Now, start again. You are killin’ this pattern breaking business!

Give yourself grace, be patient with yourself, more that you have ever been with anyone else, and remind yourself everyday that you are an amazing human. You’ve been gifted the perfect job of being you, accept the offer.

See the Light. Be the Light. Embrace the Light Within.

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