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Updated: Jan 1

I'm willing to guess that most of us didn't know what this year had in store for us. But, 2020 hasn't been all bad news. Many of us have reprioritized our lives by slowing down and making time for the things that really matter to us. That is one great act of love we have allowed for ourselves.

Because not everything in 2020 has followed our expectations, meditation has proven itself a great way to handle the worry and stress that may have also come into our lives. My favorite way to meditate is with the Insight Timer App. They have thousands upon thousands of free meditations available. There is something for every level of practice and interest. Signing up is free and you can download the app or go to your web browser and search

I'm excited to announce that you can now find my library of guided meditations on Insight Timer. You can check out the full library here

Full Body Healing Meditation and Nightime Energy Cleansing are two of the most popular meditations. However, Ho'Oponopono may be the most effective and utilized meditation in my own personal practice.

No matter how you practice or who you practice with meditation just might be the most valuable tool you have in your sanity-saving (self-care) toolbox.

BOUNS EVENT: Join me on October 30th at 12:00 pm EST for a Live Meditation Event - A Practice of Thanks. We will meditate on thankfulness in all circumstances and how this practice can create positive shifts in your life and invite in the changes you have been searching for. It's easy to sign up. Click here to sign up and get notifications for this event.

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