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STOP trying to tip the scales.

Many of us have been raised by women who believed that doing it all on your own (married or not) was how they had to be to be strong. This transferred to us and created a separation mindset. It’s programmed into who many of us are.

Those women had to work hard to raise kids, go to work and pay the bills. They did what they needed to do and what they believed was right. They continued to work for equality at home and at work. Thank you for that.

What if equality isn’t what we need? Perhaps support and understanding are what we are really seeking. Women and men (Feminine and Masculine energy) both have different needs. Women are moon-like creatures that reflect back into the world what has shone on them. They carry and bring life into this world through creation and nurturing. Men tend to be like the sun. They are generally considered active, forceful, and protective.

Because we are different we compliment each other. We need each other to stay in balance. I see many people trying to create dominance of one force over the other, trying to keep the scales tipped or tip them in the other direction. This is not the way to bring balance into this world.

We need a change. We need to be the change. Moving from one extreme to the other will not fix what is broken. We must start learning, listening and supporting each other. We must start seeing the value of both the masculine and feminine working together. We are the generation that can return this world to balance.

Are you up for the challenge? This challenge is one that will require us to forget what we’ve been taught, what we’ve experienced, and bring in a new reality of love. Love for ourselves. Love for one another. Love for life and Earth.

Are you ready to see the Light, be the Light, embrace the Light within?

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